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What is the future of GJL ?

Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:44 pm


I did discover this game 2 weeks ago and I like it a lot but I am really wondering several things :

1) Is the game still under developpement, someone in charge and with a future ?
Last official news was august 2017, nothing since, even here. can we expect the game still running until end of 2018 at least ? Also, I did send mails to support both using steam contact and using pixelfederation contact and no news since almost 10 days now. It makes me really cold to invest money as I fear i will have no support if transaction has any issue. Can any administrator or dev just say "hello we are alive" ? ^^

2) It is obvious the game has a huge potential but several things really need an improvement if you expect success one day :

A) The forum through Steam don't work, had to go through GJL site to create another account to be able to post here. 99% people won't bother do such thing. This explain partially why this forum is highly dead maybe ?

B) The economical tactic seems highly overpriced. 100$ for all 3 sets of items/skins making a full "deluxe version" is just insane considering : the game is full of bugs (bots stuck at points, super frequent crashes during creation of ships, occasionnal crashes during game, and so on ...) and design choices have several flaws (especially the color chart, should have been a complete rainbow choice for each colors, some items with 2 main colors like the deck with blue light or the steel yellow light need 2 color change, changing also the light color of course ...) making 1 item faaaaar to be worth 5$ even if the game was flawless. Being realistic 5$ should be for a complete ship design having at least 4/5 new design items/ skins included.
This is only my feeling of course, if you had AMAZING sales keep your tactic of course but if results are super bad, please consider changing a system which did not convince many players to support you financially. (better to sale 10 kits at 5$ than only 1 at 30$)

Note : about this "price perception" you also need to consider the frustration to not be able to place different weapon types on the same ship creating a "design limit" even if the concept was a "battle limit" (and the toggle system to switch weapons is bad, should be all weapon in range does fire) and you can also add the logical feeling there may be new design set coming one day thus exploding even more the 100$ initally invested. And if the game die and there are no new design it is definitely not worth either, both cases the feeling is bad.

3) The end-game and beyond lvl 30 part needs something. Why not a design monthly contest of the x best players motivating people to play more creative ships than just win with a pure weapon plateform or double armored rocket ? Rewards could be codes for skins or even a "GJL award" with the ship picture all put on a stylish pdf and send to the winner by mail (cost nothing but makes people happy with some nice souvenir)

4) I could consider to support you, mainly with translation improvement for french and some positive publicity on steam through a comment and on several other sites I am active. Let me know if you are interested.

Whatever happens thank you a lot for this great game which I enjoy a lot despite my critics, it is really fun to construct your spaceship in a fast intuitive interface to test it on the battlefield in quick battles.



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