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Re: Galactic Conquest Full Release Changelog

Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:36 am

i know that this is a very late response but for the sake of argument let me weigh in here.

cyrus brought up armor plates. yes we could do with 2 more plate types, that being a prism and a tetra, nothing more. reason behind this is at the end of it BB should look tough like a tank, would you really classify a tank tht looks more like a prius and an electric razor had a lovechild? no. of course not. having the BB class not be a fashion plate is a good call but a 2x2xdiag prism and a tetra would allow players to round out the corners a bit, give the class a higher fidelity that it has now while still being combat effective.

As for new blocks planned:
Might i suggest my block idea i call "SCOTTY!!!!" engines down....again? who to you normally call? Scotty, thats who.

so the idea is that if your engines are shot out, and lets face it thats just about every game with a human in it. scotty can get you moving again. so over 30 seconds you regen your engines and during that time are not affected by weapon fire. BUT, at the expense of your ability to regen energy for that same amount of time.

so you can choose between moving or shooting but with the power active you can only choose moving. Have the cool down be pretty long so maybe maybe at lvl 1 it would be at most 2 times a game, at lvl 10 make it 4. keep the healing time constant with lvl and only change the cool down, this ensures it will not be OP because you will have an easy way to throttle and adjust (provided you ever do balance things, *cough* plasma *cough, cough*.......NO REALLY, FIX IT since hoping and praying doesn't work, maybe being direct will) without waiting for months and making half measure adjustments that in the end dont do enough.

The reason i came up with scotty is because for no reason other than arbitrary numbers that fly in the face of convention or common sense the devs have refused to listen and buff the HP of engines for BB. Its already slow, so who in their right mind if tasked with actually building a ship would opt to leave their engines easy enough to kill that if sneezed at them, they would just pop off. nobody. And don't buff them by the standard 1/2 measure that is currently the pace of development meaning not enough to make a difference. so that 8-10 months you might buff them to where they should have been in the first place. buff them 2x their current HP. if not then use Scotty

I personally haven't had much of a problem with my BB designs in the new game mode. As you all know i pretty much only fly BBs, and haven't seen much in the way of needing to change a lot. though i have build a clone of one of my designs and opted to put back engine overload in stead of mag cannon. And from a points point of view i find this extra mobility is far more worth it. and it brings what used to be my standard load out for powers back into being valid
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