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Probably multiple account players are ruining the gameplay

Sat Aug 26, 2017 1:26 pm

Hello, i already sent a ticket for it but i would like to know if others players experienced what happened to me today.
Practically it really seems to me two players named ships in my team were all match long staying in the same non-tactical spot, this allowing the enemy team to win easier. ( I spotted both of'em 3 times in this spot during the match)
I don't believe there is a bug with bots AI making them stay in such a spot for all game long, even returning to it after having been killed and i'm pretty sure both of those ships where player owneds, cause if i got it right only ships that have a cyan name under player nick in the like screen does belong to players while those without are bots. (Please let me know if i'm wrong about this deduction)
So my first opinion about this are players exploiting the possibility to log in with multiple accounts at the same time crossing fingers for theyr second account to be in the opposite team and when it happen they just win ez junk & xp.
Did it happened to any of you to notice such a comportment ?
Thx for your time !

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