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New ship class idea (reposted from steam)

Mon Jan 01, 2018 1:33 am

The corvette. In the real world, the corvette is the smallest ship considered a warship. The corvette class is a class even smaller than that of a frigate. In GJL a corvette would essentially be a pesky ship that naturally has low cpu, high speed and high turn speed with minimal gyroscopes. The corvette would have 2 special abilities; fine tuner, that increases the power of the gyros and engines even more, boosting it to the extreme, and the light shield generator, which takes half the normal app, only takes up a 1 x 1 block of space. The light shield generator however, has only half the shield HP of a normal cruiser shield and a longer recharge time. The corvette class will also be home to another class exclusive weapon; the light laser. The light laser takes only half the cpu as a normal laser, but only retains 75% of the damage a normal laser would output. (This post is also on steam for reference)

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